Our School

Our School

Glenbrook is a vibrant, outward looking school, proudly part of The Spencer Academies Trust. We aim to provide all our children with opportunities to explore, solve problems, be collaborative and innovate so that they can become successful, lifelong learners.

Our core purpose is ‘To work together so we can all improve and grow.’   We ensure that all of our children receive the very best education so that they can achieve anything and everything in life. We want all our children to have great aspirations, and do this through providing them with real learning experiences, opportunities to experience the world they live in, and instilling the belief that anything is possible.

We are a popular and growing school. From January 2018, we have 344 children on roll, spanning from Nursery up to Year 6. We have one Nursery (F1), two Reception (FS2), two Year 1, two Year 2, two Year 3, one Year 4, two Year 5, and one Year 6 classes. We look forward to reaching our capacity which will mean we will have 420 children on roll.

For the community we serve in Bilborough, the majority of our pupils are from white British backgrounds, with an increasing number of children coming from other ethnic groups, and a number of pupils with EAL (English as an Additional Language). The number of pupils eligible for free school meals is well above the national average.

We offer an extended day to support working parents or those who are in full time education, with the provision of a daily breakfast club. We also offer a variety of after-school clubs throughout the year. These clubs usually last for six weeks and are offered to all year groups. These clubs are an important aspect of school for us, as they enrich children’s social skills and allow children to attend sessions, such as dance, which they may otherwise not be able to.

What makes Glenbrook Glitter?

Our Children

Our pupils know that they come to school to learn, have fun and make friends. We make sure that we support the learning of our pupils through knowing our children well by listening to them, talking to them, being there for them, and understanding personal barriers to learning. All children at Glenbrook receive an excellent education and have a love of learning. Our children are kind, polite and extremely caring towards each other. We recognise their kindness and reward our children through giving them ‘Spread kindness like confetti’ rewards. All of the children are also rewarded for showing that Glenbrook is the ‘PLACE to succeed,’ in their day to day learning and behaviour using the ‘Class Dojo’ system. Staff and parents are able to communicate daily about their child/ children, and share key learning information, as well as celebrate successes.

Pupil Leadership

Weekly Pupil Leadership time provides opportunities for all children from Year 1 to Year 6 to experience and explore leadership, making big decisions, democracy, being respectful towards the views of others, which have given them an active voice in school. Examples of the Pupil Leadership groups we currently have in action include Reader Leader’s, Wellbeing Wizards, Maths Magicians, Spelling Buddies, Community Leaders and Attendance Leaders.

Our EPIC Curriculum

 We have created a unique curriculum, personal to our children and our school. Our EPIC Curriculum is focussed around a new book each half term. We buy our children their own copy of the class book so they can share it at home with family. To make themes in the books come to life, we take our children out to experience and explore the world they live in. We believe that by giving our children real experiences, it helps them to understand what they are reading. We send our children home with a copy of the EPIC Curriculum map each half term so the parents and carers know what their child is going to be learning about. Positive relationships with home are essential to us and we believe that parents and carers are our partners. Together, we can achieve so much.

Our Staff

At Glenbrook, we have a strong and committed team. Each member of staff goes the extra mile to provide the best environment and education for our children, utilising every minute of every day to provide personalised, fun learning and exciting enrichment activities. Our staff are great role models to our children, from the way they speak, listen, behave and have positive attitudes to their own learning.

Our Parents

It is important to us that parents enjoy coming into school and feel comfortable. We regularly invite parents into school and there is a wide variety of opportunities for parents to have fun in school with us. We have a half termly ‘Breakfast and Banter’ for all our families and staff to enjoy together. We have ‘Parents and Pizza’ evening twice a year so teachers, children and parents can meet to talk about the learning and progress – this is a positive experience and well attended. In EYFS, the team open their doors extra early every other Friday to host ‘Breakfast with a book.’ Parents, children and staff love this special time together. A newsletter is sent home, and put on the website, every two weeks so that Parents have the very best communication about our school. We are always looking outwards for new and exciting ways of working together with home.

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