Pupil Premium & Sports Funding

Pupil Premium Grant

Like all schools in the country Glenbrook Primary School receives a Pupil Premium Grant for each child who is entitled to receive, or has received in the last six years, Free School Meals. The Pupil Premium Grant is also allocated for any Looked After Children.

The information below is designed to make you aware of how much Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) Glenbrook Primary has received and how it has been, and is being, spent. It will also tell you the impact the extra funding is intended to have.

Click below for the relevant documents.

Pupil Premium Strategy 2019-2020
Pupil Premium Strategy 2018-2019
Glenbrook Pupil Premium Strategy 2017 2018
Pupil Premium Report 2016 -2017
Reading Recovery Impact Report 2015-2016
Closing The Gaps Maths Report 2015-2016
Closing The Gaps Reading Report 2015-2016
Closing The Gaps Writing Report 2015-2016
Pupil Premium Strategic Report 2015 2016
Pupil Premium Closing the Gap Report 2014-2015
Pupil Premium Report 2014 -2015

Funding for the PE and sport premium Grant
This means that we should use the premium to:

  • develop or add to the PE and sport activities that Glenbrook already offers
  • make improvements now that will benefit pupils joining the school in future years

Click below for the relevant documents.
Sports Premium Strategy Impact Report 2018-2019
Sports Premium 2018-2019
Sports Premium Strategy 2017 2018
Predicted expenditure for Sport Premium 2016-2017
PE and Sports funding impact report 2015-2016
Glenbrook Sports Funding Report 2015-2016
Glenbrook Sports Funding 2015 2016
Glenbrook Sports Funding Report 2014-2015
Primary Schools Sports Funding 2014-2015
Glenbrook Sports Funding Report 2013-2014

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